days gone by & bike fix

I just have had too much to do at work to log on here and update for
a few days! So here is a quick summary of the last few days.

had a nice easy run with my roommate. We did 5 miles total: walk .25
mi, then run .25 mi. Except at one point he wanted to do .5 running, so
we did. It felt good to move and relax and run in low HR.

I did a mini-bike (about 8 miles, just added one loop to the karate
commute) and an hour of martial arts. My bike was creaking a lot again,
so I took it back to the bike shop Wednesday. They are going to check
the fork (since it has creaked since the new fork) and the bottom
bracket (which has never been cleaned). I get to pick it up today, and
might go for another fast easy ride to make sure it all sounds ok.

morning did a very easy run (5k with my old IM training buddy) since he
had been sick over the weekend and my knee was a bit sore. Then we did
some abs/back/arms stuff in the gym. It was nice to have a day like
that… we plan to keep doing light weights stuff this winter. Wow I
just typed "this summer" and had to delete it. I also thought while
talking to him today that August was only a few months away. Oops…
time to get in winter mode.

I need to get in the pool — I
actually want to. However, the 2.5 hours of sleep (which I snooze
buttoned into 3.5) last night left me not wanting cold water this
morning, and since I teach til almost 8 tonight I don't know if I'll
make it in today. Soon 🙂 Perhaps Saturday. Long run is planned for
Friday morning. Basically the same loop as before but maybe with an
extra hill or 2. Then another longer run or bike on Saturday. Sunday is
an adventure race training day with a team I'm doing Explore CA Gold country with. Good times!

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