wait… how far?

The weekend started well — 2 hr run on Friday morning before I had karate class. Although I started the run about 45 minutes later than I meant to (I should have done some martial arts practice and a lesson before class) I kept going for the two hours. I'm glad I did… I managed 12.34 miles of running with about 2000 ft of climbing! And my moving average speed was 9:39 miles. Good for me, esp with all that climbing! I was definitely content as I went to karate. Put in an hour there… nothing too physically challenging though.

Saturday morning came, and I decided to make it for my karate lesson after missing the Friday one. Got in some good sword and form practice, and then did class for another hour of forms and conditioning drills. Conditioning shins can be kinda painful when yours are scraped up! But it was still a good workout, and a nice 2 hour block of martial arts that I hadn't had in a while.

Got home and waited for my roommate to get up. We planned a 2 hour ride, and then I was going to do another 2 hour run. Then… oops… we went for a 50 miler 🙂 My roommate's longest before was 30 miles. I just kept telling him that we were on the last major climb, or the last climb of this stretch of road, or that we only had a few miles and then we'd get a break. We also had a huge headwind for part of it. He was definitely tired at the end, so our pace had to drop a bit! But he did it! Moving speed of 14.2 miles per hour (with the slowed ending included) and 2700 ft of climbing. We went to the beach, and then to the mountains. It was fun. However, it was about 4 hours of biking, and I was starving, so the run got moved to the next morning.

Sunday morning I did an 80 minute run (had to get ready to head up to Big Bear). So 8.5 miles, 1200 ft of climbing, and 9:22 pace. Definitely happy with that one, too!

Headed up to Big Bear, got some errands taken care of, and then didn't get to ride since the boys were all busy. Oh well — read and slept the rest of the day, part in the sun outside. Nice and relaxing. Plus, part of my brain knew I'd earned it.

Tonight I'll be doing an easy run — my roommate is catching this whole "fitness" thing from me and wants to do a 5k. This will be his first run for training. Will also be good for my legs and knees to have an easy day after all that pounding. Hopefully a swim as well… we shall see. After some of the stuff at work today, I might need more than an easy run to burn off some stress 😉

Oh forgot to mention… the long bike and the 8 miler were done in my TriFuel jersey… it's great!

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