I found a 50k sorta near where my mom lives, and on trails by the
ocean! It's mid-November, so I think I should go for it. Good
motivation, and nice to visit home. Especially with $50 plane tickets
right now! And we would have Thanksgiving a weekend early. I love
multitasking my trips!

Great mountain bike ride yesterday. Went
with a guy I met at eCamp (a younger off-road tri guy — Ryan) and we
hit a loop (easy for him, midle for me with a few tough climbs) that is
between where we live. I felt like I was doing pretty good (not great
on the climbs, but if I was perfect it would be harder to convince me
to practice). It left me feeling more in shape than I have in a while.

From the trail flew straight to karate and made it with 2 minutes to get changed and ready.

Got a few more AR plans coming up now…

Oct 15th: Desert Rage San Diego (was canceled, but they are selling the course maps and a ton of teams plan to do it as a practice day).

Oct 22nd: SVS Finals (with TdB and friends)

Nov 12: Explore CA Gold Country 24 (with Ryan, Christopher – an eCamp volunteer, and one of Chris' friends

Nov 19th: Stinson Beach 50k

Dec 3 – 10: volunteer Baja Travesia

So much fun coming up! It should be great for spirits (even if a bit hard on $$)

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