sooo sleeeeepy

I think a few things are just making me exhausted lately…

  1. 28+ hours of AR at eCamp the weekend of the 16-18 (plus no sleep the nights before for prep stuff)
  2. 26+ hours of AR in Baja last weekend (plus no sleep the nights before for prep stuff)
  3. sore throat/feeling a bit sick since eCamp and a friend has been sick
  4. not sleeping in a bed in the last week (I keep falling asleep on the couch…)
  5. no regular workout schedule to help make me be good about bed times and morning times

So… I need to get back on a regular schedule which I haven't done since the crash and then getting sorta sick a few times. At least 2 times of mtn bike each week, and at least 2 on road bike. I think 2 days swimming will be good for now, and 3ish running. I also want to get back into having my longer bike and run days, 'cause I'm starting to feel that I'm losing some of my endurance.

Now there is the plan… I just have to detail it out and stick to it! I can do this, I know I can. And it will make me feel better. It's just the first few days that are gonna suck….

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