easy street

Well, at least it was a fairly easy week… the camp coaches warned us to take it easy for about 5 days (no running on pavement or even packed dirt), and the blister on my little toe helped me be good. Got in an easy bike this morning (pretty flat and about an hour of riding), and that is all I've done this week. Tomorrow morning it's off to Baja and another 24 hour deal — at least I feel sorta rested and hydrated, although I'm not caught up on sleep yet. And I think I'm back to a decent fuel load after the lack of working out and regular eating of this week 🙂

My mtn bike is being set up with a tubeless tire system, and given the thorns we've been warned about that should be good. I'm curious to see how well it works.

Mexico should be great though… racing with the Big Bear Adventure Racing group (Donny and Dave and myself will make up this team). I'm definitely excited! I've lived in CA all my life, and southern CA for the past about 6 years, and I've still never been to Mexico. I also hear it's a gorgeous course.

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