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Wooo! 3 day weekend! This should be a good one…

But first… this week has also been pretty good. Still feeling a bit under the weather, but much less so now. I keep surprising myself with my running… for a long time a 10 min mile has just been my average. Sure, a bit faster on shorter workouts, but nothing too crazy. Then in the last few weeks..

Last Monday's 10 miler was at a 9:35 pace, and comfortable! Tuesday was a brick (short bike, but at least something on the road bike so that it doesn't get jealous) and then 3.5 miles at 8:45 pace! It was hard, but I did it! Then I went for an easy run yesterday of a bit over 4.5 miles and averaged 8:56min miles! And the whole time was just relaxed, never felt like it was hard to keep pace (except from about 3.5 to 4 miles). I even did a bit over 2.5 miles at under 8 min pace the other day! It feels good to look at consistent results like these. I guess those speedwork days are paying off 🙂

I need to get on the road bike a bit more and work some speed drills there, too. It also needs its mileage base built up now that I have just gotten back on after a bit of a break.

I also need to get back in the pool… made it a few days, and then not while I was feeling sick.

But I also want to get in my kayaking… and more mountain biking… and getting ready for adventure racing fun! I have eCamp next weekend, and then it looks like a race the following weekend. And I'm excited that I might get to race with Train da Brain and some of his racing buddies, which would be sweet!

And tonight… off to Big Bear Lake for running and mountain biking with fun adventure race type people. Looks like it will be another good weekend.

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