a side order of calories, please

The weekend was great — took out the kayak with a good friend, and then was very very lazy all day Sunday.

Yesterday I started more of my regular workout schedule, as it hadn't normalized since losing the cast. I swam in the morning — 2600 yds in sets of 200s with target times near my best times ever. Needless to say, part of it ended up becoming basically a continuous swim for me. It was a hard workout, but I finished it. Last night I wanted to run, so I did. Planned to do about 6 miles, so threw my phone in my little runner pouch and took off. I was so comfortable and relaxed that the run ended up being a bit over 10 miles… and I was glad for the gel that was left in my pouch from a previous run! It was a really good day, although my knees are a bit sore today (more pavement than they are used to hitting right now).

So overall, fitday.com says I burned around 1350 cals exercising… and consumed around 1200 for the day. I just haven't been hungry lately. Sure, my stomach was growling really loud and woke me up this morning around 3, but I wasn't feeling hungry. Still ate 'cause I knew I should. But I'm not sure what is up with that. I just don't seem to really want any foods at all lately. Oh and of course I then couldn't get back to sleep until about 15 min before my alarm went off… so I'm a bit sleepy. At least Tuesdays are fairly easy life-wise and training-wise.

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