chlorine and family and toys…. oh my!

Got back in the pool today… first time since things broke. It felt good! I was tired, so was glad I had talked to Lisa about actually meeting her in real life and getting some swimming in, since then I was committed to going. And now I have a voice and such to put to the name and user icon 🙂

It was a nice swim… 1000yd relaxed and easy, just trying to get the feeling of the water again. My hand got a little sore on a few of them, but overall was pretty good. And dang that helps start the morning off well!

In other exciting news, I’ve started my week of “spend as much as possible without going crazy”. I have a hard time spending money on fun things… but I’ve wanted/needed a car rack for about a year and a half, and a mountain bike for a bit over a year, and ran into a great deal on a kayak, and my road bike needs to be back in working shape…. so this week I’m starting on all that. Yesterday got the rack on the car and then got the kayak. It’s hott!

Also wonderful and adorable and perfect is my nephew, who just turned one! He likes frosting 😉 He had his own little cake, but it didn’t have any green… so he helped with the other cake as well.

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