*deep breath*


my cast is gone! I now have 2 hands!

In celebration, I volunteered a 24 Hr race at Catalina last weekend. It was awesome. I wasn’t planning to do it, but they were definitely short on people, so I said ok. Ended up getting to spend time in the ocean in a speed boat as racers kayaked 26 miles (yes, 26 MILES) to Catalina. Then helped set up the main transition and finish area, and then was a checkpoint on a secluded beach (formerly “Ripper’s Cove”, now known as “Kylie’s Beach”). There was one patch of shade on my beach — about 2ft. by 2ft, and
created by a sparse bush. So it wasn’t even completely shady. I had
sunscreen on, and reapplied it many times, but the ocean was tempting,
and with the swimming in it and the napping by its side, there was
still some burning done. Especially where the cast had been… I forgot
it hadn’t seen sun in about 7 weeks… oops!

Anyways, I napped, ran, swam and floated all day while waiting for teams. Only 7 teams (of about 20) ever made it past that point — the rest were short-coursed. Then there was miscommunication on who was supposed to pick me up (around 7) but at 10:30 they realized I was still out there… (no cell coverage or radio coverage). So I made it back.

More speedboad time the next day. Also time with many cool AR people — Rich, Paul, Karen, Eric, Amanda, Susan, etc. So that was good.

Then yesterday my car died (compressor exploded… really… it blew off it’s bottom). And since it was in two names at purchase, and one name later taken off, there are issues with getting it covered under the warranty. It’s a 2004 Honda CRV and perfectly maintained, and it looks like that is now worked out, which is good ’cause I was a stress case! And now I’m breathing again 😉

I need to run later today, and should get my bike fixed now that I could ride again 🙂 and soon a pool trip is in order! I love having thumbs!

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