bye orange cast…

I got a new cast on yesterday (after some xrays)… and now it is green! I saw the color and thought of Kermit the Frog. A friend has drawn Oscar the Grouch and Gir (it looks just like the litte green guy there… he's one of my favorite cartoon characters in the world — from Invader Zim) on it.

And good doc news: wrist is healing so well he almost let me pick a
brace instead of a cast… but I thought it would be too tempting for
exercise. And then he noticed it has only been 2 weeks, and was like oh
never mind anyways… it looks so good I thought it had been longer!
Yay for magic healing powers! I must heal really well, 'cause people
are also amazed at how well and fast my chin sealed up.

Next appointment is in 2 more weeks… guess I'll volunteer the Big Blue Santa Barbara 24 Hour race the weekend before that since I won't be able to race it as hoped pre-crash…

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