good run

Hard run last night, but a good one. I almost skipped it — I taught for a few hours after I got off work and was definitiely tired, and my friend was skipping her 7-9pm class, and my plan had been to run while she was busy and then go get frozen yogurt together. But luckily I had talked to a couple other friends, and we were meeting at the track at 7:30. So I went.

Mile warm up, 16 X 400 (odd #ed ones fast, evens slow), and a mile cooldown, then half mile walk. It felt really good, and my fast times were a bit faster than I had expected.

However, the left (broken) wrist was not to happy after I had stretched and mostly cooled down. I think my arm was a bit swollen from the increase blood flow when I got my heart racing, and the cast left it with no room to move. It got to be enough that I took ibprofen for the first time since I got the cast (so over a week). I might wait on speed training and stick to longer for now… we'll see.

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