bike speed

I really want to get faster on the bike… and more comfortable. So I need to put the miles in, and do some speed work. I'm always so tempted to run instead… but I like the brick feeling so I rode yesterday knowing I was going to run after. I only put in about 10 miles on the bike, but the whole thing was with concious "pedal fast" effort. I think I'd like to get a cadence sensor as it seems to be a good tool. Only a mile run after that (I was out of time — karate class was starting in 15-20 minutes) but I did the mile in 7:51, which is flying for me.

It was definitely a high heartrate, feel the burn and increase it kind of workout. And it felt good. Last bike ride 'til I get back from Hawaii on Tuesday, but the running shoes and (of course) swim stuff are packed and ready to go! I fly out Friday morning… wheee!

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