I'm feeling lucky

It was an awesome weekend, and great things lie ahead!

Friday morning was swimming and karate, and in the afternoon roller blading and swimming/hot tubbing with my roommate and 2 other friends. I felt like a little kid again, and just played in the water 🙂

Saturday I did karate and went for a long hard run. A bit over 16
miles. But what was hard was the heat and hills. I found some good
hills and dirt trails for part of it, and my quads can still feel their
joy! But the heat was the mental toughness aspect. I carried a water
bottle, cause I knew it was warm. But I was definitely surprised by how
warm and how hard the heat was on me. In fact, I was a bit scarily
surprised… it's really not good when you stop sweating around mile 12
(and stop for a few miles) and get some cold chills and have goosebumps
and start getting disoriented. It was one of the first runs I seriously
thought about calling someone to come get me. Instead I made my way off
the trails and onto roads, slowed down. Got the heart rate to get a bit
more under control, and just took it easy. I don't think I've ever like
the burning sweat in eyes feeling as much as I did around mile 14. So
it was a very slow run, but lots of mental toughness and being careful
stopped things from going very badly.

Needless to say, I was
dead when I got home. Slept some, then got ready to go out with some other friends. However, before I made it up there, I ended up talking to Jeff (a friend I met through my best friend)
and now I'm going to Hawaii Friday – Tuesday. I'm really really
excited… snorkeling, surfing, swimming, sand, running, a wedding, and a person
I really like talking to. It might be the coolest first date ever 😉

Sunday I drove up to LA where I got to see a prerelease of Star Wars Episode III with a runner friend
(he's a director and went to USC and they were holding the screening)..
I won't give anything about the movie away, don't worry. It was cool
though — Ben Burtt was there and talked some before it. Learned an interesting fact: the voice of General Grievous was done by Matthew Wood,
one of the people who worked on the sound for the movie. And how did he
get the role? He made a demo tape, stuck a fake name on it, sent it in,
and got picked. So to sum up the movie: I really enjoyed it. More than
I expected to.

I also got to see the 7 minute preview
of the movie my friend is working on right now — a documentary on the marathon!! I'm going to have to see it
when it is out; it looks really good. I got home from all that fairly late, so I'm a bit
sleepy after this morning's early swim, but I'm in a great mood and


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