workouts last few days

Nothing too exciting — ran Tuesday (yesterday) morning. As posted on the forum:

speed work on a track — a little over a mile run there to warm up, then did what I call a pyramid:
100m run (then 100m jog for active recovery)
200m run (200 jog)
300m run (300 jog)
400m run (400 jog)
500m run (500 jog)
400m run (400 jog)
300m run (300 jog)
200m run (200 jog)
100m run (100 jog)
easy .75 mile jog home
total: 51 min, 5.12 miles

I think that it scares me that the highest speed I hit was a 4:28 mile
and that there are people who can hold that kind of pace for a marathon
It feels "good" to get the legs used to higher turnover.

It was an evening of karate and relaxing to feel your opponent's energy, and balance drills. My legs need more stretching… or yoga… or pilates… or something!

This morning was a swim morning. 100yd warmup, then 6×100. Odd 100s were drill (25 kick, 25 swim left arm only, 25 swim right arm only, 25 fist swim) and even were just swim. I was feeling pretty comfy in the water. Then 6×100, 3×200, and 2×300 (the 300s pull). These were done with the same pace throughout — our goal ended up being about a 1:40 100 pace. It felt good to use paddles again, reminded myself the details of the stroke. Focused more on arm placement for the 100 cooldown. 2600 yd total.

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