busy weekend & swim success

It was a good weekend — Friday had it's normal karate and swimming, adn some much needed social time.

Saturday had it's normal karate, and then I did my long run for the week. Just over 12.5 miles and about 2:10. I was happy with it as it has been a while since I did hills, and that run had a fairly large elevation change (I will have an exact number on that later and will update with it here if I remember).

The plan for Sunday was a 2-3 hour bike and an hour swim practice. I was exhausted, so sleep took some of those bike hours, and instead it ended up being a bit over an hour bike followed by a 10 minute run (yay for impromtu bricks!). Some wonderful stretching — felt sooo good. And then the swim practice.

The swim practice was great — it was a technique day, and using buoy and paddles. I'd never used paddles before, but they really helped me feel how my arms should be tracking through the water. I was then able to apply some of that in today's practice, and it felt really good! I felt more relaxed and comfortable in the water. Good times.

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