Ironman Blues

My friend (also an Ironman) put what I’m feeling very well — Ironman blues. I’m not super motivated to train right now, so I’m not as happy ’cause I’m not training as much. I don’t have the pre-race jitters for weeks. I don’t have that big, all-important goal in my future.

I need to get back on my bike. I need to go for another run. Or I need to go out with friends and just have a “normal” social weekend. I used to have buddies hang out on Sundays (they would get up around when my long ride was over) — perhaps that is something we should get going again.

Whatever it is, I’m just feeling unmotivated and out of place right now. I know this too will pass… I’m just hoping I can speed that up. Perhaps that really REALLY funky order tri (bike, swim, run) this weekend would be a good jumpstart.

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