hit the road

So I made it back out on a run yesterday. I ran a few times after IMAZ and my knee was just getting sore too quickly, so I backed off and gave my body a whole week impact free (at least fairly so — I only swam and did karate and a bit of archery). I think it liked that, but it also meant that running yesterday felt sooooo good. I did about 10K in a bit under an hour, which was probably a bit too far after that break, but I was in a comfortable place. I even did a good part along a packed dirt trail.

Swam this morning… about 2500 yds which might be my farthest pool swim ever. It felt pretty good — warmup, 3×300 with a few different strokes and drills, then a broken 1500 done with 3×500 — during the first 500 I even passed a guy usually just a bit faster than me.

Tonight is probably climbing gym time… and tomorrow I might make it back out on my bike. That just depends though — it's harder for me to find time to bike when there is daylight and I'm somewhere that I like biking.

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