great start to the weekend

Swimming was great yesterday… I was just comfortable in the water, and in
a lane with damn fast people and able to hold my own (enough). Yeah, I
was the slowest, but yeah, I felt I was doing pretty good. Part of the set was 3 hundreds as fast as we could, then an easy 50, 3 75s fast, easy
50, 3 50s, a bonus fifty to show we remembered how to come into the
wall (thanks coach), an easy 50, and then 3 fast 25s… starting off
the blocks! And then coach helped me practice a few more starts and
seemed pleased with how I was doing. I'd never really dove into a pool
before, so the block starts were new to me. Not as bad as I thought
they'd be. Actually, I really enjoyed them. So why the block starts?
'Cause it looks like I'll be helping out the team (they need more relay
bodies) by swimming in my first ever swim meet on Sunday! I'm pretty
excited, actually… and the comfort of today's swim and the comfort
with the starts (including starting by diving over a swimmer coming
into the wall, simulating a relay) just increased that.

And now (weather permitting) is karate class followed by archery! I'm excited about that as well…

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