side pain thoughts/question

So my right side has been very not happy for a while. Sometimes it feels like a knife is being stabbed right up under my hip bone, but usually it is a duller ache. Or sometimes it just cramps up. But whatever it is doing, I'm tired of it. It has been about a month of this now (and yes, it was a worry of mine that it would act up during the Ironman). In general it's not when I'm working out, but I've started getting a bit nauseated sometimes when I run (I've found tums are great for that).

I've gone to a doc, and after 2 visits they think it might be a hernia — where the ab muscles and the lining of the ab section has torn and such. Hmm. So I have a CT scan scheduled, and if that is what it is they said it will probably require surgury. Yes, I've had that scheduled since before the IM, and I did mention that I had a big race in 10 days, and was told "well since training doesn't really bug it you should be fine. Just don't add anything strenuous" (yes, I had mentioned it was an Ironman… guess that isn't strenuous ;-).

I'm really not sure what to expect. Any one else ever dealt with something like this? I'm curious if it is indeed a hernia how long of a recovery it will be… there are more races I want to do later this year, but I'm not signing up for anything major til that is dealt with.

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