Not sore but TIRED!

I expected to be sore after the Ironman. I mean… duh! It’s an IRONMAN! But I really wasn’t. Yeah, a little stiff that evening, and it took a few steps of walking to be “ungimpafied” the next day or two, but never really that stiff, sore, oh god more stairs!?!? kind of feeling. However, I am getting tired very quickly. I did an hour and a half of karate on Tuesday afternoon, and fell asleep for about 2 hours after it! Did another karate class of about an hour that evening, and again passed out asleep when I got home. I did some rock climbing last night, and climbs that I’ve done easily before wore me out. I did make it farther on one of the routes, but after each climb I think I was more tired (somewhat out of breath, arms aching, wanted to just lie on my back for a while) than I was after the IM. I guess my muscles do need time to rebuild their stores…

Yet this isn’t stopping me from looking at another IM later this year… maybe CaliforniaMan in Davis (Septemberish) or Vineman (Sonoma County, CA in August). I like addictions!

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