time for a breather

Today is a break from impact stuff (ie running) and the drizzle makes it a good bike rest day as well. I got in a nice swim this morning. We started with 6 50s (odds free, evens non-free [2 backstroke, 1 butterfly for me]). Then we did 3 sets of fantansy swimming with fins — for that we do a 50 swimming like Ian Thorpe (long glide and strong kick), a 50 swimming like some guy who's name I forget but who uses a really fast stroke and fast turnover rate with less kick, and then a 50 swimming as a mutant combo swimmer mixing the two styles, and a final 50 easy to recover.  The workout ended with 4 100s pulling (ie with a bouy).

After that I had an hour of karate… great class where we learned part of a form I should know but can't remember well, and which I learned with a few different strikes this time.

My run (attempt) on Thursday told me to take it easy for a day — which means I might take a long soak in the tub tonight. Although I might go rock climbing instead.

Ok, so I suck at taking breaks. I don't sit still well 😉

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