balancing act called life

For Christmas I’d like 4 more hours each day… and a pony. Seriously, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I’m lucky that my main job has flexible hours — I don’t know too many other places where a lunch break is long enough for a slowpoke like me to run a half marathon, or even longer. I’m also lucky that I love my kids — all 19 of them. Ok so by kids I mean martial arts students who occupy my evenings. I don’t even have a family I’m trying to balance in all this! And then there is tri training — I’ve got a new schedule I’m trying out right now because I just wasn’t making it to the pool enough (so far I’m at 100% of following it — it’s been a whole day! Or at least half-day…). Sometimes I want a vacation. A tour through some gorgeous country. A trip to the New Zealand IM (2006 is still an option).

My mom used to call me stubborn. Little did she know it would be a great quality for getting everything I want to do done… I find the total hours I spend doing things amazing. On an average day, I spend 2.5 hours driving, 9-10 working, 2 tri-training, 2.5 teaching. Which leaves me with about 7 hours (at most) for sleeping, eating, relaxing, and social life. Yet somehow, I’m still lucky. I can handle that kind of schedule. I have an understanding mom, and caring siblings. I have a stronger group of friends than I ever have. I feel loved. Cared about. I can run, walk, swim, skip, jump, breathe, fly.

Some times it’s crazy. But it’s me.

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