we why do the things we do

I'm sure all of us have heard it at one time or another

    "you are crazy"
    "are you serious"
    "you *pay* to do that???"

or a similar remark about training and racing from friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes our own brains.

And sometimes it's an easy answer.
    the wind drying the sweat off my face as I coast down a long hill after a grueling climb
    the slight reminder of the morning's run as you try to walk up the stairs at work
    because I can
    to prove to myself I can
    the smell of chlorine that fills the room any time my hair gets wet
    the thrill of trying to put on tight fitting clothing as fast as possible — and when wet

And sometimes, I just want to sleep in.  Today, I slept in. Not from a lack of drive to run, but because this week I'm trying to be good. It's really hard not to put in the miles when it is what I'm used to, but the last thing I want is to be too drained for the marathon on Sunday, or injured, or anything other than ready.

So instead of taking my passions, and my drive, and pounding it out against the concrete, I remind myself of them here. And smile.

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