I got a great new toy — a juicer! I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve made lots of juices with carrot in them. Pineapple makes a great addition! This morning was pineapple-carrot juice. It was yummy! Carrot-tomato-spinach-apple is also pretty good. However, the pineapple-beet-cabbage-celery-carrot-raddishes-apple-spinach-cherry-blueberry juice was a bit much. But wow it was really really pretty colors!

In other news, my legs were pretty beat after Barb’s (yeah, I’ll write about it at some point…). So I did a few bike rides and a couple runs (the pool is closed right now) and my knee decided as I was sitting one day that it wanted a break. So I took one. Just getting running again, and that feels pretty good! Going for frequency right now, and aiming for 10 runs this week. Some are really short, but they all feel great great great! And Donutdogg is happy to be out there again, too.

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