Mostly I remember doing a decent warm up for this race. Some jogging, some pickups, it’s always nice with a friend and Bjorn and I did this part together.For some reason as nice as the San Diego weather is, it always feels really humid as this race is about to start.

Then it was race time, and Karen and I ended up running together for the first half. Pushing each other, and realizing we should run together more often! And then I pulled away a bit, and could see the one girl I’d seen pass us, and so I just kept pushing. But knowing she was older than me, I wasn’t too concerned. So I got pretty close, and finished strong. And then cooled down, again with Bjorn.

Oh and Wednesday night run group (at Redlands Spine and Sport), along with great running frequency, has been awesome for Bjorn! He had a smokin’ race! Makes me even more excited to get back to the group and get all speedy 🙂

And my results:

22:16  (better than last year’s 22:42!)

And good enough for 1st in W25/29 (of 18), and 2nd overall woman(of 101)! 7 seconds from 1st women… guess I should stop thinking in terms of age group at some races 😉 I could have hurt a bit more on this one. Still my  best placing overall! So it was a success, and then it was off to the conference.

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