100 lefty steps at a time

I was good! The couch was comfy, I was in pjs since I had been working from home for a couple hours, and I got up and went for a run last night. Telling myself “at least 20 minutes”, by the time I was out the door it had changed to some trails with the last of light, an out and back that is special since it is where I got engaged 🙂

It’s just over 3 miles each way, with plenty of climbing on the way out. The only climb that sucks is a paved hill up from a trail along a drainage section to the park with the hiking trails. Not horrible, but long enough I think I’ve always walked on it. I started up, and told my self that I could make it to 100 left foot steps. So I started counting, and it gave me a rhythm, and at 100 I was just barely from the top so I kept going and made it. And then I made it up all the trail switchbacks and all the climbs the whole route! I’ve never ran that whole thing before!

So I got up, got it done, and felt great after. Remind me again why I almost skipped it?

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