Removing the PT computer

As we got the bikes out of the car to race this weekend, Mike’s PT computer fell off his bike. It was in the bike mount cradle well, but that whole cradle fell off the part that is zip-tied to the bike. He snapped it back on, and we thought nothing of it.

Then in the race after a rough patch of road mine did the same. Luckily it was a small loop, the PT was on the left edge of a VERY low traffic road, and the race would still be going once I finished my race, so I left it and just rode the loop again after I was done to pick it up.

However when I got it the bottom of the slider where the cradle goes onto the zip tied part was broken, and it won’t go back on my bike. So I have to get a new bike mount for it. And on inspection at home it looks like Mike’s might be breaking in the same place.

Our thoughts are that it might be from the aero bottle pressure, or more likely that it is from how we have been taking the computer piece off to upload to the computer. We are thinking that in the future we need to be careful to hold the mount in place more while we remove the computer. Has any one else had this happen?

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