listen to the tshirt

Shopping at Target yesterday (some for work clothes, some for halloween ones, some for workout ones) I found the perfect tshirt for IM KY.

The 4 words which really spoke to me:

Stronger – Every workout will be geared to making me stronger and building my body while not injuring it.

Passion – Training for Vineman I lost some of the love, fire, and joy. This year one of my main goals is to keep it a live.

Faster – What I want to be at this race. I’ll be posting goals on it later, but as a teaser I’m going to be going for more than a 2 minute PR like at Vineman!

Desire – It will be with Mike (and yeah, I kinda want him). I will be “chasing” him for the day, and have him at the finish waiting just for me.

I bought it. I wore it yesterday. I might find a place to have it where I see the words almost every day. I’m making a print out of the Big 4 right now for my office wall.

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