1st day of school

I feel like a proud parent on the first day of school…

This morning did a 10mi bike (fast and flat) and then a 20 min run right off the bike. But as I was about to turn onto my street, what did I see but my roommate, out walking/jogging a loop I told her about! 2nd day in a row (and she’s very much not a morning person)! I’m so proud… yesterday her boy joined her for it, and I took a (phone so bad quality) pic of them as they left. She wants to get in better shape, and wanted to try jogging, so I gave her some tips.

Holly and Jeremy ready to run!And then this morning we finished around the same time so I made us a yummy eggy scramble with cheese and mushrooms and garlicy salsa as we took turns with the shower. And then she asked me to take her to a running store place with good running shoes… and I know of one near by that even does all the gait analysis stuff so we might go there tonight.

So she might kill me for posting the pic… but I’m so proud of her! 🙂

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