Q: if a train…

… leaves Ontario at 3:24 pm travelling at 60 mph, and a train leaves Tucson at 1:05 am travellingat 60 mph, what city will they pass in, and at what time?

A: No one freakin' knows.

Let's just say while the train let me avoid airports, lines, and layovers, it definitely isn't a reliable way to travel if you are on a tight schedule. It was nice though to have way more leg room than flying, complete with a leg rest like lazy boy chair style on the seats, and being able to use my phone. But Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only 2 days a year that Union Pacific doesn't run trains, so the day before they are trying to move around tons of junk, and freight gets priority at all intersections.

However, my trip was great (crochet and reading and sleeping on the train, and on the way back had a baby blanket so was less cold!). I got to spend tons of time with my brother Ryan, sister-in-law Jenny, and cutest nephew in the world, Ethan, along with various member's of the family on Jenny's side. Big crowd, yummy food. Ethan is now walking, and damn is he cute!

Friday Ry and Ethan and I went hiking. I call it the "Ethan Challenge 2005" for it was much like an adventure race. Trying to use a poorly made forest service map, and navigating trails with a baby and an off-road jeep baby stroller. Climbing up and over rocks that way, with Ethan in one of Ry's arms, and the front of the stroller in his other hand, as I lift the back of the stroller. It was a nice day of walking though, and soon we stuck to the paved path, but we had our taste of adventure 🙂

Of course there were disturbing moments as well… like when Jenny, holding Eth, said "let's gross out auntie Kylie…" and pulled his diaper down a bit so I could see his tush. "Isn't taht a cute little tush?" "yeah…" I said. "It's just like Ryans!" D'oh! And cute moments… holding Ethan by the fridge, he is pointing at pictures, and I am saying things like "who is that? [pause] Daddy?" And then after "who is that?" on a pic of him he said "ME!" At least I think that's what he said.

Oh and a great idea of Ry and Jenny's… they use signs with Ethan, and have forever. Like the actual sign language ones… for "please", and "thank you", and "more", among others, as they said the word for it. So it means that right now, as he knows what he wants to say, but can't form the words, he mumbles/grunts/says things, but uses some of the signs. So when he wants more, he actually can tell you that is what he means.

It was a nice, long, relaxing weekend. I did much resting, which was great, and much baby-time, which was also great. Damn they are cute 🙂 Oh and I packed my running shoes, and remembered to pack them for the trip home, too! 😉 The benefit though? It's left me wanting to get back out and train, instead of feeling I should.

Today had a nice bike ride, but again the training buddy got a flat. *sigh* He needs to work on his flat tire karma!

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