movin' about

Today is so far a better day than much of this week has been (concert excepted). Although my horoscope has some issues.
It's telling me to think about starting an exercise program, and to
consider walking and yoga. Yoga is cool, but I don't know if I really
need to start an exercise program. If so, what is what I spend all my
free time doing called?

about 6 miles (leaving out my favorite hill) and then did karate this
morning. The foot was a bit sore for
basics (that whole sideways pressure) but I was able to modify most of
it to fix that.

Talked to my mom last night. Wait back up a sec…
first last night Holly and I checked out another place in Claremont. A bit more $$
than I was hoping to find a place for, but we won't find a better one.
2 bed, one bath, just redone kitchen and parts of the bathroom, nice
big living room, little dining nook, laundry (coin-style) across from
our door, a cat is ok, tons of storage in the place and a garage, and
room for 3 cars. It's about 2 blocks from where she lives now. I really
like it, and it's also a lot nicer than we expected to find in our
price range. Oh and the landlord was awesome. Talked about helping rig up some
system to make it easy to store a kayak out of the way of parking in
the garage (just to make it easier) and upgrading lights and working
with us about a pet and everything.

So… it's hard. I really didn't know. But talked
to my mom last night. About the 1-1.5 hours I'd save on commute time
each day, and how I'd be able to use metrolink (she said she'd be happy
to have me driving less, I didn't mention too much how I'd be biking
around cars more). About worries that it would be hard on my friendship
with Holly, as we do have slightly different living styles (but both
respect common areas, have slightly different schedules to where we'd
still get alone time, and slightly different friends groups/activities
so all our time wouldn't be together, and we have talked about all
that). About how Stephen is about the perfect roommate for me, and how
I'd miss him, and how I worry I won't see him and Andy as much (and she
made a good point about living where it is best to live, and visiting
people you like). And about how the karate school will still be in
Irvine for training, and I'll just have to visit Andy and Stephen when I go there for
karate stuff. Kinda like switching from crashing at Holly's
occasionally and living in Irvine to crashing in Irvine sometimes and
living with Holly. About how even if Holly and J end up leaving the
area, that's months away, and I can always move again, and find new
people to live with. And how there are other Claremont area people I
like, and I will get to see more of them, too. It's an odd transition
to me though… as I'm at the karate studio less, I'm finally moving
back close to it.

My mom has this way of knowing with some
decisions what I want, and what would be best for me, and making sure I
have considered all options and reminding me of those I haven't, and
being able to tell from talking to me which answer I need to be (or
should be) convinced of. And she is good at doing just that. Soooo… I
think it's time to move on. To become a metrolink rider and bike
commuter. To spending time with people I care about without having to
live right with all of them.

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