just keep swimmin'…

Memories of eCamp

* 2.5 hours of sleep once the map was ready the night before
* headlamps glowing in cold morning air as we wait for the start
* stepping backwards off an 85′ rock with my life in the hands of the ropes and Luke who set them
* the view of the lake as the sun finished rising
* the joys of gummies — bears, sour worms, and sharkies!
* wiping out on the mtn bike on a trail I really like
* learning to trust the person in front of me and adapt to his style as needed
* kayaking in wind, weather changing the course
* learning from mistakes — if you had seen a possible route, go back to it instead of looking for an easy way ahead
* a map is not always what it seems
* water crossings aren’t that bad
* peeing anywhere, anytime
* riding up loose surfaces in the dark, riding down crazy rocks in the dark, and hiking back up when it was the wrong way — 500′ of vertical error makes for a good pre-hike hike
* a light burning out, a rocky road, and a mountain bike don’t equal death
* nav while climbing up a mountain (10,000′ of mountain) fullsped ahead is HARD! But at least this climb was without the bike
* just keep swimmin’ — Dora knows! Even if this was on a mountain…
* 3 minute naps in the middle of the trail
* space blanket training and their warmth, and piles of spooning folks on top of a mountain
* sliding down a trail, calling out “ROCK!” to give people time to hope they don’t get hit
* my baby toe trying to grow a new toe
* finishing with new knowledge and bonds of friendship
* being too tired to even get in the sleeping bag and using it as a blanket

So yeah, an awesome weekend. Left me tired, but ready for the race in a few days 😉

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