championship PossAbilities Tri series race

This weekend brought the end of the PossAbilities Tri Series. I enjoyed the series as a whole and hope they do it again next year. This final sprint race was a 5k run, 8 mile bike, and 125 yard swim. I finally broke an hour on a sprint tri! As I got out of the pool (it was a reverse order tri) I could tell there was no hour yet on the clock, but that it was close. My final official time is 58:51. I felt really good on the run (ran about a 25:18 5k, perhaps my fastest ever) and my bike was around 28 minutes as well. Transitions even went smoothly this time. I even remembered to leave the velcro open on my bike shoes to make them easier!

I had been doing well in the series in my age group (with a 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd at the first 3 races, respectively). This weekend I was happy with my first age group 1st place ever! (well, I got 1st in one race last year, but I was the only person in my age group that day). It turns out that since you had to be at the race this weekend to qualify for the series, and the girls who got the other 1st places (3 different ones I believe) didn't show up, I ended up winning it for my age group as well! I got a cheesy plastic trophy, but I'm proud of it. I really could see that I've improved over the last year. At these little local races last year I was usually 4-6th place of about 8. This year I'm one of the "fast girls" that another person was talking about in the transition. It's neat since I can really just see all my training pay off. And now to hope it pays off in Arizona on Saturday!

this race's stats: W20-24 1/9, overall women 20/90, overall 119/281

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