late race update

The second tri in the PossAbilities Tri Series was on the 13th. It was
a great course for spectators — a transition area right by a 3 loop
bike and an out and back run, not to mention a run to the pool and then
a run from the pool to the end (it was a reverse order tri). So
spectators could stand near the start/finish and see all transitions
and their friends go by a few times on the bike.

I did about the same as in the last one, and again ended up in 2nd
place in my age group, which is exciting. Maybe I'll place in this
series 🙂 I know it's a little one, but I'm so slow and such that it's
a fun to be a contender, even if it is just cause I'm one of few
regulars in my age group. Last time and this week's winners were
different people, so I think I'm in 2nd or 3rd overall (depends on if the girl who got first this week was also in top 10 females — the one last time was).

The race was also a nice course. Fairly flat and fast for the bike, but with just enough change that you could feel it. Swim was in a perfect temperature pool. Run was downhill (barely) out so just barely up on the way back. I still continue to have strong run finishes compared to other people around my speed… I don't seem to get passed from about the 1.5 mile marker on.

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