back to the races

First tri of the year today. A very short distance (5k run, 10 mile
bike, 100 yd swim) and in reverse order, but it was still fun. Great
support and really well organized. It was the first in the PossAbilities Tri Series (

did well… 2nd in my age group. Still not sure out of how many, but
hey, it took me 1:02:53 the day after a hard bike and the week after a
marathon, so I'm happy. Not to mention that last Feb. It took me around
1:16 for the same distance (when I did my first tri ever).

the winner of the women's division??? Michellie Jones. She was awesome
to see racing (it was an out and back run and then some loops of
biking) and was really nice as well (I got to talk to her a bit after
the race).

Tri rating? Very high. Good turnout, good course, good fun. And it was nice to start of the year with such a good time.

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